Save The Date Illustration



…holy cripes, I’m getting married.


Rough Flipbook Animations


I scanned some flipbook animations I made last year and gif’d them. They’re not polished or nothing, but I like seeing them move.




Wish I still had some Ecto Cooler from when they were promoting the new movie. Not sure what the shelf life is on that stuff but I’m guessing “indefinite.” I’d be willing to test it, anyway.

Tacocat Project 2



Sculpted tacocat’s head using polymer clay while my muse sat behind me, making sure no part of the chair I was sitting in went to waste. I originally went with a more realistic version of the head but after I’d baked it I realized I’d strayed too far from the parts of the original concept that made me want to sculpt it in the first place.

I over think, therefore I am late

The Tacocat Project



Now that I have a little time on my hands I can get to some personal projects that have been on the tip of my brain. For about a year I’ve wanted to turn this drawing of our cat, Tacocat, into a real, physical object. Think I’m in for a learning experience. ^_^